Welcome to the St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church website!  It is always encouraging to know the number of people who visit us by way of the internet, and we pray that this time will provide you the necessary guidance and inspiration you seek.  While nothing beats a personal visit, we do hope what you find here will be of help to you.

This parish has maintained a presence here since shortly after the founding of Oak Ridge in 1943.  Our lovely building, consecrated in 1951 on Pentecost Sunday, is situated on a picturesque seven acre site with a view of the central area of the city.  We hope you will carefully peruse this unique snapshot of who we are and what we are up to these days.  The website is updated regularly to enable you to have the latest information about us.  What doesn’t change, though, is the essence of St. Stephen’s, where many have come to experience its community as a place of human flourishing and divine encounter with God as revealed in Jesus Christ.

Beneath all that you discover here is exemplified a living faith that continues to shape and change the lives of ordinary people who want to make a difference in the world around us and recognize our need of God to help us do this.  Our prayer is that you will gain an impression of a community hard at work in a host of different ways to make our wonderful parish a place to be holy, a place to learn and a place to feel welcome.  Throughout its existence St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church has been a place where hundreds of its members have found its pattern of prayer and worship an inspiration for their lives.

We are grateful for your time in wanting to learn something of our uniqueness in this historic city that will be of benefit to you in your faith journey.  It is indeed a treasure!  As you browse these sacred pages may you discern the Holy Spirit among us and feel a part of what we are seeking to achieve.  May you find it a place of enchantment and wonder that puts you unexpectedly in touch with God.