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“Come!” is the great invitation our Lord Jesus issues. It does not mean only some or only those ready for the journey. It is a universal and fully accepting invitation for all people to come seek Christ now, at this moment – no matter from where you have come, who you are, how imperfect you might be, how wounded you are, how many doubts you have, how worthless you may feel. The people of St. Stephen’s are committed in faith to living up to the inclusion and grace of this invitation.


“Follow me!” is the path we inevitably walk after coming to Christ. St. Stephen’s proclaims as a faith community that our calling and strength in God is when all of us – all races, genders, political persuasions, orientations, nationalities – commit to a life that seeks and follows Christ in all things. This is what the Church is for us. Jesus unites us in the diversity of our backgrounds and gifts. Jesus makes us powerful in and through our weakness. 


We invite you to come and see the life of Jesus among us at St. Stephen’s, to claim your place in a community of irresistible love, and to follow Christ with friends in a place where abundant life is experienced and shared daily with others.   

Please complete our visitor form, accessible through the button to the right, if you're interested in learning more about St. Stephen's or speaking with a member of our clergy. 

Join us for worship! All are welcome.


7:45 am    Spoken service in the Nave
                   (enter through our red doors)

10:00 am  Holy Communion with music                     in the Nave


11:00 am  Healing service with Holy                           Communion in the Chapel

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